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Second Opinion Marketing works with service sector business and independent professionals who want more from their marketing.

We are known for practical, trusted advice about marketing.

Our services are for you if:
  • You need ideas that will attract more customers
  • You want to get more business from existing clients
  • You need a better understanding of how your customers think and feel about you
  • You need someone to organise your marketing communications activity, take charge of company image and drive your business forward

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Reader comments

A very good article and so true just need to walk the talk!
Trisha Mentzel, B2B Event Management

"I think this is a great item – I’ve read it and will keep it for future reference too. I can appreciate it’s what you’ve been saying, and have had to keep saying, and seeing it in this form helps reinforce the message. I hope I can apply it too! Very helpful, thank you." Sue Mann, Solicitor

"I just finished your article that made something click in my head and I finally understood this important difference between Features and Benefits. Thanks and all the best." Pinny V

"Hi Teresa, I thought this was really good - best wishes" Chris Hawes

"Very true, we nearly walked into something like this (being associated with somebody who suddenly got a bit of bad press – undeservedly) recently!" Laurence Moore, Prime Chartered Accountants

"Interesting as always - I guess I better start rewriting the website!" Helen Vining, accountant

"This is great and I really like the example. Who needs a second opinion when you’ve got you!! I will look to see who I can forward it too." Moira Bailey, Business coach

"A delayed thank you for emailing me your article on welcoming customer complaints. It's so good to read a newsletter with something of instant value: a message for all and one I'll certainly be forwarding to others who may be interested." Shireen Dew, Graphic Designer

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You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.
Jim Rohn

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